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Business description
Rai Investment and Trading (RIT) Pvt. Ltd. is an independent investment and trading company dedicated to providing cargo based 3 wheelers (Car Model) of Dong Fang- Chinese Brand in Eastern Region in Nepal. It is a sole distributor in Eastern Region of Nepal for this brand. Since its inception; it has been providing three wheeler motorcycle which is agro based carrier and useful to support agriculture group in the eastern region of the country.

It is also a Super Dealer/Distributor of VEEDOL brand Lubricants of Tide Water Company Limited- an Indian and American Multinational Company. From last 2 years, it has been distributing VEEDOL lubricants brand within the Bagmati Region of Nepal.

Of the above businesses, the company is also the manufacturer the automated three wheeler having 4+1 seater passenger carrying vehicle. The company imports various parts and component required from the Guangzhou Wuyang Motor Company Limited, China and assemble and sell the automated three wheeler to the customer through its own distributors/ dealers in Nepal.

Business formation
Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered at company registrar under Companies Act, 2063 having registration number 121839, which was previously registered as Rai Investment Company Pvt. Ltd with only objective to make investment in various sector. The main objective of the Company is to produce and sell three wheeler vehicles by importing and assembling parts and component of such vehicles and to trade lubricants required for bike, small vehicle, heavy equipment and tractor.

The registered office of the firm is located at Lalitpur Metropolitan -5, lalitpur. It has one branch office located at Itahari, Sundar Dulari- Morang for distributing cargo based three wheelers of Jia Cheng Motorbike Assembling Company Pvt. Ltd. The Promoters of the company are Umesh Rai and Deepshikha Rai. The authorized share capital of the Company is Rs. 15 Crore and Issued and paid up capital is Rs 1 crore respectively.

The Board of Managers/Directors currently consists of the Umesh Rai and Deepshikha Rai and they have the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the company’s mission and the legal accountability for its operations.

Our board of managers further ensures adequate human and financial resources and actively monitors and evaluates the organization’s executive director, as well as the overall financial results. The board members approve and implement policies to ensure achievement of the organization mission and to prevent perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest. They will accomplish these functions through regular meetings scheduled monthly.

Management Team
Rai Investment and Trading (RIT) is very diverse with people/employees from many different backgrounds  – yet we are one strong company and a team with a common understanding/goal/interest. RIT’s management team have direct knowledge of the industry and possess the necessary professional administration skills. Our team includes a general manager, recruitment, and training, outsourcing Job site and Finance personnel, and professionals with accounting experience.

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