Veedol Lubricant Super Dealer

7 Jan
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Veedol Lubricant Super Dealer

Since the company is sole distributer in the Bagmati Region of the Nepal for the Veedol Brand. It distributes different types of lubricants of Veedol that is used for two wheeler like Hero, Honda, Royal Enfield, Yamaha Brand, small vehicles like Isuzu and Volkswagen Brand and Heavy Equipment Volvo and Kobelco Brand.

Two wheeler Oils

  • Take Off 4T
  • Take Off 4T Plus
  • Take Off 4T Premium
  • Super Swift
  • Take Off 4T HD
  • Passenger car Motor Oils
  • Turbostar
  • Powertron
  • Syntron
  • Diesel Engine Oils
  • HDB Prima
  • HDC Turbo
  • Max-Pro Plus
  • Gear and Transmission Oils
  • Transgear Express 90
  • Transgear Express 140
  • ATF
  • Avalon 46
  • Avalon 68
  • Avalon 10W
  • Grease and others
  • Long Life Grease AP-3
  • Rapid Kool Coolant
  • Brake Oil DOT-3


Existing Products and service offering by RIT in market

  • Cargo based three wheeler of JIA Cheng Motorbike Assembling Company Private Limited
  • Lubricants of Veedol Brand
  • Real Estate


Planning to expand in above products in following ways:

Cargo Based Three wheeler: Currently the company is distributing cargo based three wheeler of Dongfang brand to the only eastern region of Nepal. It has plans to distribute from other region of the Nepal by establishing branches at different places after taking dealership license from the Jian Chen Motorbike Assembling Company Pvt. Ltd. For this, initial meeting has been done with the company and they are quite positive to us.


  • Lubricants: Our Company is a super dealer/distributor for VEEDOL brand for Bagmati Region. The total demand of the lubricants in Bagmati Region is monthly 20-25 lakhs litre. However, we are yet to penetrate the market even within the Bagmati Region. Similarly, there are total 90 brand available for lubricants in Nepal. Out of them, there are only 5-6 brands of multinational company. Veedol is one of such 5-6 multinational brands. So the company is planning to expand the business of lubricants.
7 Jan
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Real Estate

We provide you the most promising exposure of your property with a range of advertisements schemes designed to meet your marketing goals and fit your budget.

7 Jan
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Auto Mobiles

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has invested in three wheeler motorcycle which is agro based carrier and useful to support agriculture group in nation. This is firstly introduced and produced by Eastern Dragon Company of China. They are directly imported from through Jia Chheng motorcycle assembling company. The main head office of this company is situated at Rabi bhawan Kathmandu.

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has agreed to sale and broad the market within 16 districts of Koshi, Mechi and sagarmatha Zone.

Service/ Washing center:

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has its own service center for three wheeler motorcycle and motorcycle itself. This company provides car washing bike washing and three wheeler motorcycle washing too. This company has hired mechanics from main company of three wheeler motorcycle for better after sales services.