Business Summary

5 Jan

Business Summary

Automobile (Three wheeler motorcycle/Vehicle):

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has invested in three wheeler motorcycle which is agro based carrier and useful to support agriculture group in nation. This is firstly introduced and produced by Eastern Dragon Company of China. They are directly importing from through Jia Chheng motorcycle assembling company. The main head office of this company is situated at Rabi bhawan Kathmandu.

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has agreed to sale and broad the market within 16 districts of Koshi, Meshi and sagarmatha Zone.


Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd is main dealership for koshi, mechi and sagarmatha zone. This company is providing sub-dealership to other districts such as Jhapa, Birtamod, Damak, Dharan, Inaruwa etc. Those are the main business area.

Service/ Washing center:

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has its own service center for three wheeler motorcycle and motorcycle itself. This company has providing car washing bike washing and three wheeler motorcycle washing too. This company has hired mechanics from main company of three wheeler motorcycle for better after sales services.

Parts Shop

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd is operating with parts shop for easy availability of every customers. The main purpose of operating parts shop is to maintain and fulfill scarcity of parts when needed. It has parts of three wheeler as well as other vehicles such as car, motocycle etc.


Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has also invested in workshop and maintenance department. The main purpose of investing in this area is to satisfy every customers with better and effective maintenance of those vehicles with hiring technicians from head office of three wheeler motorcycle.

Show Room:

Rai Investment and Trading Pvt. Ltd has its own showroom of three wheeler motorcycle at its branch office. This company has sold huge number of vehicles in different areas of eastern development region.

Veedol Lubricant Super Dealer:

This company has not only invested in three wheeler motorcycle. But also it has invested in veedol lubricant super dealer ship for Bagmati region. Veedol is an Indian and American multinational established company in lubricant sector.

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